In its complete version, with unit body, dentist’s module and assistant’s module, the Classe R7 can, in just a few quick moves, be converted from a right-handed dental unit to a left-handed one.



In its modular configuration, the Classe R7 allows the dentist to personalise the dental unit according to his specific workplace and work-based needs. The multiplicity of solutions ensures effective use of available surgery space, aiding freedom of movement around the patient chair and within the room.

  • Ergonomic flexibility

    In surgeries with a centralized wet loop suction system, the version with assistant’s module and without unit body can be completed by applying the dentist’s module arm or the Cart solution.

  • Integrated suction

    The patient chair can be completed with the addition of the assistant’s module, which houses two cannulae and two instruments.

  • Chair with cuspidor

    Anthos also offers a Classe R7 version without dentist’s module, consisting of a unit body and assistant’s module which includes the turbine module.


The Continental version makes the most of the manoeuvrability of the individual dental unit modules. By enhancing interaction within the dental team, workflows are smoothed and streamlined.

The International version presents the instruments on the dentist’s module in order to reflect the natural movements of dental surgeons.

Whether right-handed or left-handed, the Cart solution offers an immediate response. The mobility of the dentist’s module is perfect for any workplace and allows optimal positioning of the operating instruments.


From the control panel with touch-screen function to the foot control, available in the wired and wireless versions, the user has total control of the entire dental unit at all times.

Smart Touch Display

The new Smart Touch instrument control panel provides advantages that go beyond those of a standard user-friendly touch screen. The extremely advanced control electronics gives the dentist precise control of instrument parameters and the main dental unit functions.

Wireless foot control

Via the wirelss foot control, the dentist is able to use several dental unit functions without the hindrance of connection leads. Lithium ion batteries ensure longlasting unit autonomy. Nevertheless, a mains lead connection point is available

Patient chair control keypad

Located on the side of the seat, this keypad controls patient chair movement, pivot lock/release and allows set positions to be saved and recalled.


Anthos Micromotors. High-performance induction micromotors, versatile and at the very top of their category, smoothly integrated with dental unit electronics and with full memory-function control. i-MMs. A single micromotor suitable for any type of use, from conservative dentistry to oral surgery, with LED lighting. i-MMrL. Extremely compact, with LED lighting, perfect for conservative and prosthetic dentistry.

  • Scalers PiezuPZ6cM

    With or without LEDs, handpieces compatible with the best tips on the market. Highly useful in ENDO mode as root canal treatment instruments.

  • T-LED curing light

    Outstanding ergonomics thanks to the swivel grip. 6 polymerisation programmes and autoclavable fibre optic light guide.

  • Scalers PiezuPZ6aS

    With or without LEDs, handpieces compatible with the best tips on the market. Highly useful in ENDO mode as root canal treatment instruments.

  • Syringes

    Ergonomically-shaped 3 and 6-way syringes are available. The metal syringe body and the tip (both straight and angled versions are available) can be removed and autoclaved.

  • Scalers PiezuPZ6cM

    With or without LEDs, handpieces compatible with the best tips on the market. Highly useful in ENDO mode as root canal treatment instruments.

  • Scalers PiezuPZ6bM

    With or without LEDs, handpieces compatible with the best tips on the market. Highly useful in ENDO mode as root canal treatment instruments.


Comfort for everyone

With a choice of wide or narrow backrest, patient chair shaping, which features a tapered lumbar area, ensures an approach that is smooth and very comfortable to the treatment zone. While the wide backrest cradles the patient comfortably, an optional narrow version makes even more space available to for the dental team.


The dentist can choose between the Standard mechanical-movement Headrest and the Comfort orbital-movement Headrest with pneumatic release, which accurately accompanies the patient’s head into the perfect treatment position.

The seat also features extensive vertical travel, allowing the patient to be positioned at exactly the right height whatever the task at hand.

Because each surgical task requests a particular setup around the operating area, classe R7 provides outstanding freedom of movement. Outstanding mobility of individual components ensures that both dentist and assistant are assured easy access to the patient. The freedom provided by classe R7 results in smooth workflows and maximal working efficiency.


It comes ready for integration of a multimedia system, the imaging and x-ray devices of which constitute excellent communication tools-
The immediate availability of diagnostic data enhances medical team efficiency, eliminating downtimes and workflow interruptions.

  • Zen-X

    X-ray sensor incorporated in the dentist’s module, ready to use with USB cable. Able to capture HD images with low X-ray doses, the sensor comes in two different sizes. Able to be sanitised, the sensor is IP67 certified against water and dust infiltration.

  • C-U2 camera HD

    The C-U2 has glass optics and a LED light diffuser. It incorporates an HD 16:9 sensor that captures high definition clinical images.

  • 22`` LED Monitor

    Full HD 16: 9 1920 x 1080 pixel flat screen monitor with IPS panel to aid viewing from any angle. LED light sources ensure optimal brightness and contrast.

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