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Not everyone sees technology as an end in itself. On the contrary, the true value of innovation lies in solutions that lead to tangible development, to new professional horizons. The S300 offers a flexibility that provides just the progress you’re looking for. We combine comfort and ergonomics to ensure swift workflows, we merge design and innovation to provide a dental unit built around your needs. Together with you for even better results. Our technology is designed for your progress.



Whatever the situation, Stern Weber never forgets that comfort plays a constant, mutual role. The patient must feel at ease while both dentist and assistant must be able to operate without physical stress or discomfort. Memory Foam padding supports patients correctly throughout the entire treatment session, resulting in enhanced comfort and relaxation.

Where built on wellbeing, interpersonal relations reinforce patient trust and collaboration during treatment; that trust translates into better results and heightened patient involvement.

The innovatively shaped patient chair allows medical staff to move in closer to the patient during treatment. The Trendelenburg position is reached by way of synchronised movements and the reinforced structure allows patients weighing up to 190 kg to be lifted.


SC Scalers

Ultrasound scalers suitable for supragingival prophylaxis, periodontal tasks, the preparation of small cavities and root canal cleaning techniques.

Brushless micromotor

Light and compact, i-XR3L is suitable for conservative and prosthetic dentistry. The i-XR3L model also incorporates LED lighting.


Usable in either a straight or angled position thanks to 180° rotation around the central pivot, the patented T-LED curing light is perfect for polymerisation and bonding tasks.
Each of the 6 programmes has been fine-tuned to prevent the phenomena of compound shrinkage (anomalous hardening and volume loss).


Venus Plus – L LED
  • Light intensity from 3,000 to 50,000 Lux
  • Colour temperature 5,000 K
  • Low-thermal emission LED light sources
  • Silent running because there is no forced ventilation
  • LEDs guaranteed to work 50,000 hours

Hermetically sealed front screen. This makes external cleaning easier and stops any dust or spray fluid getting inside the dish.


Consisting of a DC X-ray unit with wireless control and a digital sensor housed on the dentist’s module, this comprehensive integrated system eliminates all the inconveniences associated with separate installation of diagnostic equipment.

X-ray investigation outcomes are shown on the multimedia monitor and, where the Full Touch control panel is in use, directly on the 5.7” display where the dentist can adjust contrast and brightness, rotate the image, enlarge it or save it.

Stern Weber innovation combines cutting-edge diagnostic instruments and advanced performance by the sophisticated software which interfaces exclusive systems and devices.

  • Zen-X

    X-ray sensor integrated on the dentist’s module, contains a CMOS sensor for high resolution images and equipped with USB connection to provide greater versatility in the surgery.

  • RXDC – HyperSphere technology

    DC X-ray unit with integrated 30 cm collimation, designed for digital radiology. Provides pin-sharp images thanks to a focal spot of just 0.4 mm.

  • C-U2 HD camera

    The C-U2 digital camera with HD sensor provides high-resolution images directly on the Full Touchdisplay or in full-screen mode on the Full HD 16:9 22” monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
    Slim handpiece design, with a tip measuring just 9.5 mm, allows distal areas to be reached with ease.

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